#HUNT2 from Deux North on Vimeo.

We came first to see and learn about demolition derby. We met and heard the stories from the perspective of the drivers, builders, mechanics, and spectators on the fair grounds. We were outsiders, instantly our group of New Yorkers stood out and were noticed, but as the day went on and the conversations began, we all found that we had more in common than any of us would have guessed. Cyclists, drivers... it was passion that took us around the state, got us out of bed at 5AM, and kept us lusting after that next part.

The ride culminated at the top of Whiteface Mountain, New York's highest peak. After one of the hardest, longest climbs any of us had taken at that point, we reached the top. We talked about the view from the summit. Eating peanut butter, banana, and Nutella sandwiches, we noticed the enormous shadows that clouds cast across the ground below us.The air was cold, even in August, and we stuffed newspapers in our jersey on a washboard decent. At the bottom it was nearly over, but we'd leave Whiteface with an experience that we wouldn't soon forget.

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Photos by Aaron Vazquez | Words by Dylan Nord